What is Email Marketing

Accomplish your marketing aims
with scalable email mechanization.

Target customers for a season or keeping the audience engaged with your newer products or services, our email marketing solutions assist you with all-rounder solutions: From platform setup to content, from customisation to post-campaign analysis, we create professional email marketing campaigns giving results your business needs. At Dkays Media, Email marketing is essential to how we operate. We leverage the cumulative data from various marketing channels into a strategy that works alongside your brand identity, with an overall aim to maximize your email revenues. We are your full-service email marketing team!

What do we do?

Optimize every single activity

Our Email marketing services play a critical role in our paid subscriptions business and allows you to create a more personal experience for your target audience.

  • We make the message resonate, target people based on who they are and what they do on your website or product.
  • Define the exact time you want people to receive a message on a page.
  • Personalize content and design a dynamic series of campaigns based on consumer behaviour.
  • Set rules around the diverse channel and intelligence level of a message to optimize its potential.